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Meet AnnLee

LMHC + Founder

Hi! I'm AnnLee, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and just like everyone else, a work in progress. I'm also a mom, friend, daughter, and deeply believe in the power of personal stories. In my practice, I've seen how sharing these unique stories in safe spaces can be a path to healing.

In my role, I feel privileged to offer a space for women to explore their curiosity about themselves. My approach is relational, trauma-informed, and empathetic. I work with my clients to deepen their connection to what truly serves them, engaging actively in their healing process. This journey involves navigating through pain, reflecting on challenges, and importantly, celebrating personal changes and accomplishments.

Building a deep, trusting connection with each client is my priority. I strive to create a safe and nurturing environment, allowing for profound self-exploration. We focus on harnessing individual strengths and overcoming internal obstacles to reach full potential. My work is centered on crafting personalized treatment plans, fostering self-awareness, and equipping clients with tools to tackle life's obstacles.


When I'm not in the therapist's chair, I'm a devoted mom, often found in the front row at my teenage son's sporting events, walking my golden retriever, Archie, rooting for The Auburn Tigers, or simply soaking up the Florida sunshine.

AnnLee Headshot.JPG

AnnLee is supportive, sweet, caring, and very easy to talk to. I always look forward to our

sessions. Would recommend highly to friends and family.

Anna S.


Certified Good Boy 

Archie is our golden-hearted therapy dog in training at THERAPY For HER. With a wagging tail and a heart full of compassion, Archie is on a mission to bring an extra dose of warmth to your therapeutic journey.


As he perfects his skills to become a certified therapy dog, Archie is already a master in creating a comforting and non-judgmental atmosphere. His furry presence adds a touch of joy to our sessions, providing a soothing presence that complements the therapeutic experience.


At THERAPY For HER, we believe in the healing power of connection, and Archie is here to offer his special support on your path to well-being.  Ask about adding Archie-Support at your next session. 

Coming soon: Archie will be making his rounds in the community visiting hospitals, nursing homes and more!  Please contact us if you are interested in working with Archie.  You can also keep up with Archie on his Instagram or TikTok!

Meet Archie

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